Digital accessibility how to eliminate barriers in your e-commerce

These numbers draw attention to practices that promote accessibility. But, unlike what most people think when talking about it, accessibility goes far beyond the adequacy of structures and physical spaces. In this regard, digital accessibility resources arise, which consists of adapting an application, website or social network, so that everyone can have access to information, products and services. Despite being a very important subject and one that makes a difference in the lives of people who have some type of disability, according to a survey that evaluated 21 million active websites in brazil, only 0.46% of them are adequate in all accessibility parameters digital. The study was carried out by movimento web para todos, in partnership with bigdatacorpi and the .Br information and coordination center. Despite not being a brazilian survey. 


 The brazilian association of technical standards (abnt) released a


Standard that establishes accessibility requirements for cell phones. Norm no. 17,060 aims to facilitate access for people with special needs to virtual environments, based on the handling of accessible digital technologies on mobile telephone devices. This article was prepared to explain more about the subject and show the importance of adapting your e-commerce to digital accessibility requirements. The concept of digital accessibility digital accessibility aims to Canada Business Fax List eliminate barriers to internet browsing. The implementation of digital accessibility democratizes access and includes, in addition to page navigation, other ways that allow users to interact actively with the exposed content, providing greater autonomy in the virtual environment and eliminating possible barriers. What makes an e-commerce accessible? A website or e-commerce.



As previously mentioned the main objective of digital 

Accessibility is to include people with disabilities in the navigation and usability of websites and digital applications, making access easy, faster and more practical for everyone and without barriers. However, by making a portal or e-commerce more inclusive, the business also ends up receiving other advantages. An example of this is the increase in access to the site. Portals that Fax Marketing  have this concern are more easily indexed in search engines and are more compatible with applications, not to mention that the enterprise itself is understood in a new light. Check out some more reasons to suit the parameters: avoid discriminatory attitudes: everyone has the right to use online services. A company website that does not offer accessibility can be understood as a discriminatory posture; meet the requirements of the brazilian law of inclusion.

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