The Best Time to Hunt for Red Bream is When the Water Starts to Rise. Where These Fish Will Be in Deeper. Areas and Hanging Around in Structured Areas.

So This Can Also Be Used as a Guide. For Guessing. White Sea Bass With Soft Plastic. On a Land-based Basis.

Best time and conditions
There are two best conditions for hunting red siamese:

Red sea bass are more active in the early morning and late afternoon.
Side fish species

Land-based red sea bass hunting will cover a wide area

Often we will get side species such as white Whatsapp Mobile Number List bream, grouper , moon , tenda and GT, where these species also live in the same habitat.

It will make the time well worth it.

Selection of appropriate equipment
Rod Dan Reel
When fishing for red bream, I like to use rods that are over 6 feet long, 8-17lb or 10-20lb, fast action and have a strong backbone .

Prevent the fish from running towards the structure that will disappoint us.

As for the reel, I like to use a small sized baitcaster (easy to hold), and have a strong tension (drag) system to stop strong fish running towards the reel.

Main rope and leader

I like to use 30lb braided line and find it to be perfect against estuary fish

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Because the habitat of red sea bream is always filled with Fax Marketing dangerous structures, I recommend the use of a fluorocarbon type leader with a strength of at least 40lb.

Most importantly, it should be able to withstand friction.

Selection of Gewang Soft Plastic & Jighead
red sea bass jighead

Soft Plastic
Soft plastic is a lure that has become a phenomenon in recent times.

In addition to being hook-proof, it is also very effective at trapping large-sized red sea bass because it is able to explore the bottom and areas that are difficult to reach with normal lures.

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