Solution that allows appear to be include out of the box in the provide packages. Support sellers by publishing educational materials on your blog in the form of guides and webinars. As for our ranking it lacks the ability to edit the page which is only available in higher packages and the manufacturer leaves its own link in the store footer. Online stores on the Internet can be quite fast (3rd place). Redcar Celesta is a very interesting solution for building an excellent online store. I personally encounter it for the first time while writing this article and it has been available since . The cost of running a store there starts from PLN per month.

Analytics you can easily combine 

Here the manufacturer creates the packaging according to your turnover in the store. For PLN per month you can sell up to PLN items per month and Photo Retouching for PLN per month you can sell up to PLN items per month and for PLN per month you can sell up to PLN items per month. It’s worth noting what you get in the package. Unlike the famous one which I will discuss later, most of the features here are include in the price and you don’t have to pay extra per month. This solution may be much cheaper in the long run. No editing of the page or editing of the file is allow (due to the technology use).

Analyze data from different places Solution that allows

A big plus is the great support which answer my questions very quickly and comprehensively. The test store ran very fast with load times of less than seconds which puts the platform in second place in this regard. I must write that I have been working with a client Fax Marketing who runs a store in Celesto for some time. After the review he receive a lot of optimization suggestions from me and although it was the platform owner implement the changes. It takes a lot of time but there is still progress. It turns out the company commission an audit of its e-commerce platform to make improvements and my reviews and theirs often overlapped.

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