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Umberto Eco analyzes the two positions taken against the emergence of the mass mia and the product that its impact has generat: the so-call mass culture. . This set of cultural goods would be in opposition to those other cultural. Apart from the values ​​that have traditionally been enjoy by a select minority. In some initial lines of that text, the Italian author notes that every major cultural change is perceiv in the form of a rupture: the transformations deriv from this process significantly affect the habitual vision that was valid until a certain moment: Every modification of cultural instruments,

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In the history of humanity, is present as a profound crisis of the precing “cultural model”; and it does not manifest its real scope if it is not consider that the new instruments will operate in the context of a profoundly modifi humanity, either due to the causes that b2b email list have caus the appearance of those instruments, or due to the use of the same instruments. The invention of writing (…) is an example; that of the printing press or the new audiovisual instruments, another. (eco, 2001, pp. 51-52) the mass mia – the mass mia – have generat a radical change in our world.

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The way in which cultural goods are access and how they are distribut for enjoyment are facts that have been experiencing, since the first decades of the 20th century, a profound and Fax Marketing disconcerting transformation thanks to the emergence of these new channels of transmission of information. culture. Over time, various artistic manifestations have emerg in contravention of the prevailing uses and codes before the configuration of this new panorama. Apart from the calling into question the classic distinction, due to Dwight MacDonald, between High Culture ,

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