Consider Building a Website for Your Podcast

You don’t need a website to start a podcast. All you need is a hosting provider. But if you want to take SEO seriously, you need to make sure you own your data and your relationship with your subscribers.

You can also build your email list to grow your most loyal listeners.

A website can also help improve your podcast’s SEO. For example, adding context to an episode increases the likelihood that search engines will find it.

Many podcasts write a new blog post every time a new episode comes out to explain the topic. This is a great way to complement the content of your podcast while also making it easier for search engines to identify central topics and key keywords.

Add keywords the ultimate strategy for podcast

You can also treat your blog content as a regular blog post, linking from one episode to the next and adding related posts to engage your audience.

Your primary keyword should be the Ws Number List headline of your podcast. However, that doesn’t mean that producing more episodes will automatically increase your ranking. You should aim to maximize your opportunities to grow your audience.

When creating content for your podcast, choose one relevant keyword to define. Consider the topic, the structure of the episode, and the keywords that best describe the episode. Even keywords with low search volume can help your podcast.

Include a script in your episode

Some podcast hosts have a habit of choosing the same keywords for multiple podcast episodes. If you use the same keywords Fax Marketing for every episode, you risk having a negative impact on your progress. Even if one keyword is related to another, it’s still important to plan for one unique keyword per episode.

Remember that your listeners, and all audiences in general, need to be familiar with your keywords. Ideally, there will also be little competition. You can target long-tail keywords and search Google or use tools like Ubersuggest to get inspiration.

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