Combining SEO and copywriting techniques can help you rank high on Google and drive sales too. In this post, you’ll learn what SEO copywriting is and how to do it. What is creating high-quality content that appeals to both search engine algorithms and human users. It’s crafting content that’s designed to rank high on Google and, at the same time, content that people want to consume, link to, and share. Why is SEO copywriting important? Content that gets tons of search traffic but doesn’t move business goals is pointless.

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Content that gets no traffic. But if you can successfully blend solid SEO fundamentals and good copywriting techniques together, you can create content that company data ranks high on search engines and compels readers to consume, share, and even purchase. This is exactly how we’ve grown Ahrefs to 2.4 million monthly search visits while generating an eight-figure annual recurring revenue (ARR).Every topic naturally generates subtopics. The more relevant subtopics you cover, the more likely you’ll rank for more keywords and get more traffic. You can find these subtopics by looking at the common keyword rankings among the top-ranking pages.

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Way to build your outline. This opens up the Content Gap report, where you’ll see the common keyword rankings among these pages. Look through the results to see if there Fax Marketing are any subtopics you can cover. If your content is like everyone else’s, then there’s no reason for anyone to click, read, share, or link to you instead of others. SEO copywriting is a balance between giving searchers what they want and saying something unique and original. One way to add a unique spin is to write from personal experience. Searchers want real-world, tried and tested tips and advice, not generic ones. Google understands that too. That’s why it introduced E-E-A-T, where the first “E” stands for experience.

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