CDP and a CRM or marketing automation tool? In contrast to a CRM system. Enables data exchange with marketing automation or CRM solutions a CDP also works with anonymous users. Whereby the event stream is used by visitors in real time for dynamic segmentation and to interact with the users. This typically requires additional data on users/customers, so there is also proximity to the data warehouse. What is often misunderstood: A CDP is not a marketing automation solution.

For example it send emails

But rather supplies the email tool DB to Data with (real-time) information. Does a CDP solution make sense for every company? A CDP only makes sense if there is a certain amount of traffic on e-shops or web platforms that visitors can identify via login.What do you see as the advantages of integrating a CDP? A CDP enables personalized interaction with users in real time and the orchestration of different marketing channels by linking multiple tools.

Ensuring a high level of flexibility

DB to Data

New channels/tools can be connected FIX Marketing quickly. Exactly what marketing managers want today…Can these CDPs be easily integrated into a company’s existing infra ? Yes, that is one of the great strengths of a CDP: existing solutions in data management, CRM and automation can typically be retained. There is often still a need to adapt the architecture, but this is usually in the context of on-premise versus cloud solutions. Keyword cloud: assuming a company still has its data warehouse on-premise.

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