War must be understood as the mechanism to achieve or protect something . It could well be life, a country, a town, the well-being of a people or, in more current terms, an advantageous. What I have position in a market, money or whatever comes to mind. Any time there is a conflict of interest between two parties, a war has started . This does not mean that the battle will occur. In fact, it is better to end a war without the battle taking place. But we will see that later. Seeing war this way allows us to stay cool and think clearly . It is about achieving something Therefore, and we cannot run the risk of. 

Here is a real example

Therefore, “After 4 years without competition enjoying the first. Position on Google, a new competitor appears for Andrew. This competitor begins to climb executive email list positions in Google and in just 3 weeks. It is placed in third position, threatening to conquer first. Andrew is scared to see how his visitors are dropping and, overcome. By fear, he begins to take desperate measures to secure first position. The result of these measures turned out to be the loss of the first position.

“Andrew himself catapulted his competitor into first position by copying what he did.” I promise you that this is a real case that happened to me this year 2013. I am not Andrew, nor is my client. In short, in war, we must be cold and calculating.  Therefore, About the duration of the War. First of all, we must keep in mind that every war has to be maintained and that this entails a cost . Sun Tzu talks about the food and supplies of soldiers and the costs of travel.

What I have But this can be extrapolated

Therefore, To many situations. Maybe you don’t have to invest money in  feeding yourself or need anyone to pay to fight for a business niche or a Fax Marketing position  on Google (for example) but, undoubtedly, you will have to dedicate a lot of resources (time, effort, energy). , concentration) in fighting that war . Furthermore, keep in mind that in our lives we manage limited resources . This is important to see from all angles. Therefore, any dedication of time involves a very high cost. The shorter a war lasts, the better for you. Therefore, do not forget to include time as something very important. 

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