This trend, which started especially with Google’s Hummingbird update, has directed search engines to evaluate the general meaning and context of the content rather than simple keywords. The main purpose of Semantic SEO, is to optimize content not only with specific words but also with the general meaning and context, created by those words. Visual on how to do semantic SEO Why is Semantic SEO Important?

Semantic SEO is important for digital advertising

and content curation as it supports search engines to better understand the essence of content. Nowadays, users query search engines with full sentences or questions rather than specific keywords. For this reason, websites and content Last Database should focus not only on keywords but also on the general meaning created by these words. Google and other search engines pay more attention to ranking by taking semantic meaning into consideration.

Semantic SEO is done in steps

Last Database

These steps are as follows: Comprehensive Keyword Research Topic Clustering and Creating Content Clusters Enriching the Context of Bolivia Mobile Phone Number Content Natural Language Optimization User Intent Analysis Internal and External Link Optimization Improving . This process aims to identify keywords and phrases that are frequently .

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