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Google interprets that renting a car is a local search and since the search was made in Vantaa. it shows business locations close to the user. Many other extensions can also be present in the search results. such as Google image search results. YouTube videos or various information boxes. Mission searches. for example by creating at least a Google My Business profile for your company. Distribution of traffic among the top places So how is all the traffic distribut among the top places? According to a 2013 study by

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What is striking about the results is of africa email list course that the 1st place takes the overwhelming lion’s share of visitor¬† of the top 3 rankings is up to 61.5%. The goal of search engine optimization should be to get as many keywords as possible for the top 3 rankings. It is also worth noting that only the first page of Google’s search engine results matters. because the result that is rank 11th. and at the same time on the second page. collects only 1% of visitor traffic. How long does it take to get Google visibility for a site

Traffic and the combin share

We are often ask questions such as: “How Fax Marketing long does it take for the page to be found on Google?” This is a good question that doesn’t have a straightforward. unequivocal answer. The page’s visibility on the internet also depends on whether it is a new subpage on an already known site or a completely new domain name and site. Only 5.7% of pages reach the top 10 ranking within a year of publication Well-known search engine tool company Ahrefs conduct a study of two million randomly select pages. which shows that getting to the top of organic search engine results takes time as well as skill. According to the study:

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