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Is the central These are companies that have a strong brand awareness and reputation but who realize. That their positioning and communication strategy are no longer suitable for reaching the target audience. These companies invest time and money to ensure a better shopping experience. For their customers and to always keep up to date on their nes. All major companies realize how relevant the brand is in a long-term orient strategy. An example of this is Philips, which in carri out a rebranding strategy aim at repositioning. The perception of its company which was too link to the world of light bulbs and less to that of products.

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March that the Philips Lighting brand will change its name to Signify while maintaining the Philips brand for its products. BB markets are usually characteriz by the buying and selling of complex and expensive goods and services. Which is why it takes some seo expater bangladesh ltd time before a company can actually conclude a sale. If to this time we also add the time ne for the BB buyer to inform themselves before getting in touch with the companies under evaluation, the time ne is further amplifi. The truth, therefore, is that your sales department is only involv in the final phase of the purchasing process.

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Precisely for this reason the recognisability of the brand and its notoriety play a very important role. When a BB buyer decides it’s time to connect with your sellers, whose brands they remember and interact with during the information gathering phase. If your interlocutor Fax Marketing has already inform themselves with the contents you offer, they have already form an opinion about you and your offer. In light of this, one of the best methods to ensure that your company has a recognizable and authoritative brand within the sector is to launch an inbound marketing strategy support by the development of important relationships with the main sector mia.

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