Decentraland . consider by many to be a sort of crypto evolution of the famous ancestor “Second Life”. and company CEOs to start making contact with these solutions. given that they will constitute the mium-term future. A way to gain an initial advantage over competitors. considering that the users already active on these platforms are an extremely large number. Download our guide now to find out which are the most effective trends for growing your business on social mia! Access to the Metaverse through Sandbox shutterstock_2062865573.

The first platform we will look at for practice is Sandbox.

It is an environment that reproduces a world similar to the real one. It follows some patterns already seen in the past. albeit with different europe email list  and more advanc technologies. since users can act in the form of avatars as happen a few years ago for Second Life. To date. many of the elements present within Sandbox are deform. but it is appreciable that several propos experiences are already very realistic. despite being improv. How to enter Sandbox Entering Sandbox is not very complicat but there are some requirements.

First and foremost that of owning SAND tokens .

What are? Specific digital tokens. Upon registration. the user must connect their digital wallet to the platform’s database. After this first action has been perform. you can register your personal data and move on to the creation of your avatar phase to get to the heart of the platform. The avatar. as we know from other digital environments. is our virtual alter ego: it does not necessarily have to resemble us physically  Fax Marketing or temperamentally. but it will represent the user in the Metaverse. The same goes for brands: it will be necessary to best evaluate the characteristics and values ​​of the brand and create an avatar in perfect harmony and coherence with it. There are also various aspects relat to business: the basic customization of the avatar is free.

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