One thing certainly won’t change this year: all good digital marketers will be on the lookout for the best backlink opportunities. Backlinks from websites with high traffic volumes and authority can make a big difference to rankings.To give your website a rankings a boost in the New Year, make the effort to engage with other websites; don’t be scared to send a few friendly emails to site owners asking for article exchanges.

This approach works especially well, when the first link exchange email displays a knowledge of the site owner’s website and offers some ideas for content that will create interesting links between both participating websites. To show you what I mean: let’s imagine a swimsuit company is looking for an exchange with an online fashion website.

An email opening like this shows

The site owner that the sender has put some Latest Mailing Database real thought into the exchange. This creates a much better chance of getting a response than a generic spam email that feels impersonal.

If a site owner posts an article of yours, make sure that the article has at least one backlink to your website in the body text or in your author profile. No doubt your exchange partner will expect the same in return.

If you are really struggling to come up with topics for content, another option can be to ask the site owner for an interview based on interesting questions related to your connected industry. Most people are flattered to be asked for an interview and they enjoy talking about their business. All you need is a few good questions that keep things interesting and time to type up the transcript. This can also uncover great ideas for future content and exchanges. Good luck mixing things up!

Submit Your XML Sitemap

Latest Mailing Database

With all this content experimentation going on you might want to send the search engine crawlers a few hints so they can find all your great new content.

Having an on-page sitemap for your website helps users and search engines navigate your site’s structure, in 2020, if you haven’t already, you should look into creating an XML sitemap and submitting it to Google. This will help the search engines crawl your site more efficiently.

Creating an XML sitemap can be especially Fax Marketing beneficial for websites with lots of content, and ones that are accessible in multiple languages. Creating and submitting a comprehensive XML sitemap will make sure that search engines can find even the most obscure of your pages. rankingCoach users who want to tick this off their New Year’s list, just need to login to rankingCoach and follow the steps for submitting an XML sitemap. Good luck helping the crawlers find you!

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