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How to use Instagram and attract more customers to your business

Microsoft managed to buy LinkedIn! The social network is aimnd posts about various business sectors and from what we. Know so far, little is likely to change. Until the bureaucraticres are finalihich should happen by the  Canada WhatsApp Number Data  end of this year), everything will continue normally. Jeff Weiner, CEO and executive leader of LinkedIn, stated, in a post on the social network’s official blog for professionals and job vacancies, that the site will maintain its. Brand and function. In a more informal post, on his LinkedIn  audience profile, Jeff posted a text detailing some of the possible changes that could happen on the network: “ more features, with the aim of reaching job opportunities are greater and more far-reaching.

And Microsoft thinks that all this can help a lot in the Microsoft Office project

Satya (Satya Nadella,of Microsoft) convinced me when he said we would have independence. In other words, his vision is for LinkedIn to operate Italy WhatsApp Number List  entirely on its own, within Microsoft, in a model used in successful companies such as YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp”, he reported.  conversation between the two in the video below: This purchase was. The largest acquisition made by Microsoft, to clarify the reasons for the large amount invested, here are some , not to mention the seven million jobs listed on the page.

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