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Search engine advertising. A company buys advertising space from a search  impression or click to an advertising space provider. For example google. The term sem is often us colloquially. Even when talking about sea. What does the sea require? Implementation of the tool. E.G. Google ads planning. Implementation and monitoring of advertisements a large enough marketing budget. Click prices are on average between €0.50 and €3. Depending on the field and search term. You can read more about the prices of google advertising here a good landing page . To which the ad directs traffic.

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What does seo require? content the country email list technical implementation of the site (e.G. Loading spe and responsiveness) must be in order ranking requires a plan. Keyword research and continuous development work patience. In general the site starts to get few visitors in 4-6 months and traffic growth clearly accelerates in 9-12 months. Why seo? Seo is practically free. Which means you don’t pay for traffic coming to your site directly. Seo takes time and money leads direct to the site from google are more likely to convert than. For example. Leads direct from social mia read more about search engine optimization . Sea. Or search engine advertising in sea ( search engine advertising ).

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Visibility can Fax Marketing be either organic (not paid. But earn) or purchas advertising. I.E. Sea ( search engine advertising ). Search engine marketing therefore includes both search engine optimization and search engine advertising. Seo or search engine optimization seo ( search engine optimization ) is a process that aims to develop the company’s online content so that the content ranks among the best search results in search engines (especially google ). Websites especially benefit from seo. For example. Regularly updating the blog contributes to the site’s ranking in search engines – especially when keyword research is carri out to support the blog text .

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