The engine results.  of content exists on your website and social media Does your content speak only to your product and potential customers Does it include information about your local community city or town Asking these questions helps determine what keywords if any are related to your business location. Depending on the amount of content speaking to your business location it will help you determine how much you might need to emphasize your business location versus its product or service content. Technology to Sense and Reach Customers How important and relevant is a location based marketing campaign to your business Do you have.

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A side road If you have a physical location and you have little foottraffic despite traditional methods of France Business Email List advertising print ads radio and television then a locationbased marketing campaign may be necessary. Similarly a business in a heavily trafficked city or shopping center with a lot of competition may benefit from it. Forms of locationbased marketing include banner advertisements social media and app engagement and search engine optimization. The Next Web explains how variable location marketing can be customized geographically with geofencing.

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This technology embedded in it through a company such as Plot Projects business owners can target passerby Cambodia Phone Number customers. Additionally it can sense when a customer enters the city where the business is located. Now that you know what the main components of a locationbased marketing campaign are implementing them is the next step. Step Implementing the Campaign Advertisement MobileOptimized Website Depending on the size of your business and how much time money and effort youd like to invest in your mobile site Marketing Land points out four different ways to have a mobile website live with respective benefits and drawbacks. Option . The FullyHosted Mobile Site This mobile version of the.

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