That all people have to know update and rectify the information

That all people have to know update and rectify the information that has been collect about. Them in data banks and in the files of public and private entities. Th constitutional and legal background the bas of law of financial habeas data and law of protection of personal data . These regulate the principles and provions that apply to any database that expos to processing by public or private persons or organizations. Know the types of personal data and their charactertics. Public they do not require any authorization for use. That when talking about your profession or trade. The type of business you have your full name and your id number.

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Semi-private information that in addition to being relevant to its owners is also relevant to other entities. It applies to your email address your cell phone number your residence address. Private its relevance only concerns the person directly involv. They also mobile app development service ne authorization for their use. Here we have the case of the information provid in home visits profiling personal tastes. Sensitive their use is susceptible to discrimination or causing discomfort to those directly involv which is why they require explicit authorization to be us.

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For example sexual orientation affinity with a political party. Religious cre health status biometric information if. It involves minors membership in a union. Biometric they part of the sensitive data and according to fonte. They refer to statistical data Fax Marketing relat to biological phenomena or processes. For example height skin color eyes and hair; physical build ethnicity birthmarks among others. Now let’s see how the authorization for. The delivery of this type of data is appli according to the laws that. We already mention. Authorization or consent for the use of personal data. The act of consent given by any consumer.

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