So that the companies or people in charge of managing the information

So that the companies or people in charge of managing the information. The responsibility of the company in its data management accountability. Termination of the relationship or process with the client or their loyalty. In each point of th aspects such as. Achieving client consent not sufficient on its own. Said consent must obtain with support that demonstrates. that it was given. The consent of any person also not enough on its own. Consequently it must demonstrat that only the user and not an intermiary using that consumer’s name or email has given their authorization.

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Th means that there must a correspondence or agreement tween the sender and the recipient of these actions which in turn miat by a double confirmation process that we will dcuss low. The double confirmation tween client and company Th mobile app designs service nothing more than the consent given by the owner of the email address to us for email marketing purposes or sending newsletters. In addition it must subject to a double confirmation method that serves as a legal guarantee even if th not a legal obligation.

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Subsequently a confirmation email sent to the email address indicat at the time of. consent or authorization. In said message the user would have the opportunity to confirm. that they have agre by clicking on a confirmation link. Th entire process Fax Marketing follow by a commitment from your brand. Or business to guarantee data security bas on. The principles of integrity availability and confidentiality of information. Likewe there must an accountability exerce within your. Brand or business establh by the sic.

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