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These also include Photos and videos with a wider TikTok Now community bas on the privacy settings you choose. You might be interest in: “Instagram for business: what is the optimal posting frequency?” When will TikTok Now be available Attention: we are still in an experimental phase. TikTok is only testing these new features in a few individual countries. TikTok Now will be available to everyone over the next few weeks. You will therefore ne to pay attention to updates. Another peculiarity: as far as we know. TikTok Now will be accessible both through the usual TikTok app and by downloading the specific new tool from online stores.

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These also include Farinelli Written by Francesco Farinelli Content & Social Mia Management expert. I have always work in communication with a strong country email list   focus on the world of digital content. Between classical studies and experiences in the USA and France. I work on projects dicat to the world of the web in Italy and abroad. gaining specific experience for the strategic creation of content for digital and social mia. with a clear preference for the environment LinkIn. I believe in the importance of the right mix between words and images. but above all in the organiz and strategic management of social mia. a business tool that is now fundamental for companies.

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These also include “winning relationship with their public.Metaverse. what it is and how to access it now FRANCESCO FARINELLI – 23 SEPTEMBER 2022 metaverse In the field of digital communication. we are increasingly talking about the Metaverse. especially after Mark Zuckerberg announc that he is focusing heavily on this evolution. also introducing the new name of his social universe. “Meta”. Before then. Metaverse was a word us almost exclusively by science fiction experts and enthusiasts.   Fax Marketing You might be interest in: “Mini-revolution in B2B social mia: the new LinkIn Business Manager will soon be online” How the Metaverse was born and for what purposes metaverse The first to use the word “Metaverse” was Neal Stephenson. cyberpunk writer. in 1992 in the book “Snow Crash”. He theoriz something that we are concretely approaching today. 

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