Verification of the commercial cooperation offer

Verification of the the you want to know more about the withdrawal of real estate from. The company’s assets and PIT and VAT go here. Restoration of the tapayer to the register of VAT tapayers The legislator. Provid for the institution of restoring the tapayer to the register of VAT payers which is regulat in Art. Section g- j of the VAT . For eample the tapayer is register without the ne to submit. A registration application again as a VAT payer on the date of resumption. Of business ivity with the status it had before the date of suspension of this ivity.

At the Verification of the of the tapayer

Submitt within months from the date of deletion from the register of the VAT. Tapayer the head of the ta office restores the registration of the entity as an ive VAT. Tapayer without the ne to submit a registration application if the tapayer proves that. He conducts philippines photo editor taable business ivity and in the event of failure to submit. Declarations despite such obligation – if he submits the missing declarations at the latest. When submitting the application for restoration of registration.

In the case where the submitt

Declarations do not include sales purchases of goods or services or imports of goods with ta amounts to be duct and this circumstance results in accordance with the tapayer’s eplanations from the specificity of the business ivity; if the tapayer proves that he runs a business and the issuance of an invoice or correction invoice was the result of a mistake or  Fax Marketing occurr without the tapayer’s knowlge; if the tapayer proves that the ivities carri out by him are not carri out intentionally or other circumstances or evidence come to light that indicate the lack of this intention.

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