We have been forced to. The lens captures different views of the city and events. With such a motivating picture, the text will be a specific call to action. For the second option, it would be cool to use competition photos with the author s name. But you will have to contact the authors and ask for the original photos. First sketches We are trying an option with a competition photo and a resident of Kazan. Denis The first one looks like a phone advertisement. The text is too small , you won t be able to read anything as you drive by.

Industry fairs will return

Victor We ne a blur, low contrast background across. The entire photo editing servies field of the banner. We’re leaving out partners for now. We settle on the option with an insta photo. Finalization We change the background , it and arrange the text. We approve the third option , put things in order in the text , and highlight the tag. We insert partner logos and make more banners. Denis I don t like the changeable background , the logos are hard to read. We send it to City Hall for approval. City Hall The banner must include the Tatar language.

Probably in a different form than before

We compose the text in Russian and Tatar languages. Victor Tatar and Russian cannot Fax Marketing be alternate. Collect. Denis And it s better to take competitive photographs of mica personalities . We take the first photo from Evgeni Move. Getting rid of unnecessary text , grouping languages. It still doesn’t matter. Denis The mayor s office allows banners to be divid into Tatar and Russian. The hockey player nes to be singl out. Let’s try options in Russian. Victor Remote element good. Make it a sticker on top of your Instagram avatar. Text at an angle , like a telephone. 

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