With each rise in voltage, the What is magnetic field becomes stronger. In any SWA wire, this magnetic this feature field creates eddy currents, which frequently cause overheating in AC systems. As a result, the non-magnetic property of AWAs is critical since it protects AC systems from overheating.

Because SWAs can cause considerable damage to AC systems, they should only be used for outdoor or underground applications. An SWA cable’s armor can withstand severe pulling loads in addition to providing mechanical protection. SWA wire is currently employed in a variety of industries, including construction and transportation.

What is the applications of SWA Cables?

The capacity to survive extreme environments is the main feature of SWA cables. When dealing with any electrical application that is prone to physical industry email list damage. It is recommended to use an SWA Cable. Industrial fixed power installations, residential subterranean electrical systems, and power networks are just a few examples.


What difference between AWA and SWA?

Aluminum Wire Armor is what AWA stands for. By looking at Fax Marketing the full meaning of their abbreviations, you can tell the difference between the two types of cables. Because  of its non-magnetic properties, AWA wire is generally utilized in single-core cables. When an electric current passes through a cable, a magnetic field is created.

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