While there’s no perfect way to use content in business meetings there are a couple of important things to consider. 1. Use content both proactively and retroactively being proactive means answering prospects’ frequently ask questions in advance by sending ucational and informative content before What should you the meeting. The goal is to optimize times and ensure that prospects arrive prepar. Once the meeting is over the salespeople’s instinct is to send a follow-up email to make themselves available in case of further questions. In reality it is much more effective to continue to ucate prospects by sending additional content relat to the topics cover during the meeting (a video an infographic an ebook an article etc..

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Background with defocus lights-1some of the most common topics are: price : potential customers want to know what price to expect and what factors B2b Leads may affect an increase or decrease comparisons : buyers would like to be able to compare different options to make more inform What should you and clear decisions sales process : prospects want to understand all the logistical processes behind the company’s sales process product or service issues or limitations : potential customers want to be able to delve deeper into these aspects so they know what if any challenges to expect testimonials :

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Real testimonials from other customers of the company to have proof of the good functioning and quality of the products or services. Useful tools to develop an Fax List effective sales enablement strategy it is necessary to have the right tools resources that allow the simultaneous management of sales and marketing activities and help collect useful data for the optimization of the strategy itself. Among the possible choices available we also find hubspot one of the most valid marketing sales and automation platforms available on the market.

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