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The program will automatically convert the image size to a suitable size. but it is recommend to ruce the file to be transferr to a reasonable size (less than 1MB).  Shown in the left image by clicking with the mouse. You can also crop the image to a smaller size by clicking and dragging the corner of the frame with the mouse. When you are satisfi with the positioning of the image. click Crop image. Gravatar image cropping and positioning Next. the classification of the Avatar is select. The so-call traditional profile picture can be classifi as suitable for everyone. i.e. If your image contains material under the K classification (sex. violence. provocative content). from the three lowest categories. 

Position the image by moving the frame

Then click Set rating. The choice of country email list classification can affect the acceptance of your posts. so I recommend consideration with the Gravatar image.  In comment sections of blogs. Choose a classification for your Gravatar image Now the Gravatar image is set and it will be visible in all Gravatar-using services to which you have identifi yourself using the email associat with the account.

Classification is commonly us as one of the filters

You can still add other email Fax Marketing addresses you use under My Gravatars. Complete your own information from the My Profiles menu item. You can add e.g. the address of your website. contact information. information about ucation and position. etc. You can also choose how your name is display in connection with the Gravatar image. Also check out another interesting icon. the Favicon . Annika Pulkkinen Guest writer Annika Pulkkinen is a side magician and problem solver.

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