There are some things in life that are universally agreed upon as bad. Murder is bad. War is bad. And website redirects are definitely bad.

If you’re not familiar with redirects, what happens is that when you click on a link, instead of taking you to the page you expected, you’ll be redirected to a completely different page. It’s like going to a friend’s house and taking a wrong turn and ending up in Ohio.

Bad redirects are a headache for every website owner. A blog content calendar is a way to plan out all your blog posts for a month. A calendar makes it easier to create a regular schedule by letting you know when to post each post.

What is a blog content calendar

Let’s say you want to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or you could post more frequently, like the Ranktracker SEO blog. Before the week starts, plan three posts to post over those three days.

Each content outline in your calendar should Whatsapp Database include information about what your content writing team should write in their posts. Once content is written, it must first pass through an editor so the author can make changes. Once all edits are approved, the post will be scheduled to be published on that date.

Think of your content calendar like a project lifecycle. Start your blog goals, make a plan to write and publish posts, monitor the results, and plan other campaigns based on the results.

Why You Need a Blog Content Calendar

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Blog editorial calendars are useful for bloggers of all levels, whether you’re a one-person team, a business blog, or an agency working for multiple clients. If you don’t have a calendar yet, here are the best reasons:

Helps maintain consistency
Getting your Fax Marketing

Brand in Front of Your Audience is Very Important, and One of the Most Important. Content Marketing Tips is That Consistently. Posting Useful or Engaging. Content is Essential to Attracting Attention to Your Brand.

People Also Like Blogs That Have New Content. On Certain Days. Once You Get Into the Habit of Expecting. A New Post on That Day Each Week, Your Blog Can Build a Readership That Counts as Traffic.

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