Advertising does follow the crowd or claim your own authentic thought : that is the eternal question that we ask ourselves (even unconsciously) from the moment we are born until we die. Therefore, and the 1906 beer brand has focused its latest campaign on that issue. Titled “ La Escalera ” and created by This is Libre. The “new talent community” that has just landed on the creative scene. Therefore, the action tells the story of 8 people. Who face 15 questions and 526 steps. As a social experiment, the piece wants to make the participants reflect by asking them a key question: ” Do we live in a society that thinks for itself or do we let ourselves be carried away by the majority?” «

Have a voice to go outside the box

“Only 4 out of 10 people acknowledge top industry data being influenced by what society thinks,” says Gonzo. Therefore, who wanted to ask the journalists at the table if, within the media landscape. This need to “like” is transferred to the way of work or act. For Mamen Mendizábal, he says that in his case. Therefore, the type of journalism he does “has nothing to do with pleasing” but rather “with stirring or bothering.” In this sense. He has pointed out: “To have your own voice is to step outside the majority.” Another curious fact that can be extracted from this study that 1906 used for its “Ladder” campaign is that “3 out of 4 people have done things they did not want to do so as not to disappoint a family member.

The critical thinking of "an immense majority"

Mónica Moro and Ramón de Meer have also been present in the debate. “What Therefore, we were looking for was precisely this: to generate this conversation from absolute humility and to highlight how free we are and how influenced we are by the majority. Explained the head of Marketing at Cervezas 1906. For her part. The creative director explained how the idea of ​​doing this action came about. “We are beginning to give meaning to The Immense Minority. Therefore, she said, referring to the brewery’s motto. “We arrived at a path that had to do with independent and critical thinking, and how difficult it is to have your own thinking,” Mónica Moro concluded.

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