The Vienna Tourist Office is not afraid to embrace extravagance in its daring advertising campaigns . In 2021, this organization had the idea of promoting the multiple works of art (happily dislocated) from the Austrian capital on OnlyFans and more recently it placed an avatar of Sigmund Freud in the metaverse . However, the latest campaign by the Vienna Tourist Office is perhaps the most surreal action of this institution. The central axis of the latest campaign by the Vienna Tourist Office is a 6-minute spot starring a giant belly who decides to undertake a solo trip to the monumental capital of Austria after standing up to his owner.

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Signed by the agency Jung von Matt category email list Donau and director Björn Rühmann. Therefore, the ad is a surreal ode to indulgence and acceptance and seeks to varnish travel with a more indulgent veneer. Therefore, stay although the spot makes nods to Vienna’s famous culinary delights (its exquisite cakes, for example). Its objective is not to encourage the viewer to literally fill their belly but also to immerse themselves in the city’s phenomenal cultural offering. Real moments of indulgence are increasingly rare these days. When we are eternally engrossed in discussions about self-love, 

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Acceptance and the body-positive Fax Marketing movement,” explains Norbert Kettner, director of the Vienna Tourist Office. Viennese culture has been questioning ideals of beauty for several hundred years. Therefore, we thought it was time to embrace the consequences of self-love. The belly is a heroic figure that ultimately comes to a conclusion: only if you love yourself. Can you truly pamper yourself. Without shame. Without judgments of any kind. Emphasizes Kettner. Therefore, the campaign includes actions on television, cinema, video on demand, radio, press. Social networks and outdoor media , where it will be deployed in iconic places such as Piccadilly Lights or Heathrow.

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