How to Meet Amazon’s SEO Requirements

Remember that Amazon is a full-fledged search engine, which has its own algorithm called A9. In some ways it works a bit like Google, but from a decision-making point of view it’s a story in itself.

Here are the other factors that affect your ranking on Amazon:

  • CTR (click through rate). Determine whether or not customers have found what they were looking for when they see your product.
  • CTS (Sales Percentage). This parameter takes precedence over the CTR. If your product is competing with another product that has a higher CTR, but your CTS is higher, then your bid will rank higher due to the better sale rate.

How to choose keywords for research

Since keywords play such an important role in ranking on Amazon, let’s take a closer look at how to choose the most appropriate ones.

This information will help you determine the wor terms you want your product to appear for when a customer searches on Amazon.

As for keywords for research, you have five fields in which to enter them.

Each has a maximum length of 50 charactersprocess Phone Number List will and ccontain one or more words, separated by spaces (attention: do not use commas as separators).

Since the product title is already indexed, you don’t need to include it as a keyword. Likewise, UPC, EAN and Vendor are already included, so you don’t need to enter them.

Here are some tips for choosing keywords:

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  • Unless they’re being used by customers, avoid technicalities; Instead, stick to commonly used words.
  • Use only relevant words or terms.

The latter might seem like an obvious statement, but sometimesexample Tax Marketing isconverselyit’s easy . To stray with the terms when discussing the features and benefits of a product.

To help you choose, try using Google’s keyword tool to find a main term.

Then search for this term on Amazon to obtain variations.

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