Baquedano With this article we want to present a product

That we are very proud of but that we have not. Hghlighted as it deserves. This is our design kit, of which we develop different versions in order to be used in. various activities and disciplines, such as workshops and courses on Lean methodologies, service design, user research or prototyping. This material is a great support for the work of instructors or facilitators as well as team leaders who develop agile projects within an organization. Table of Contents How our kits were born Who are our kits for? What are the advantages of using the kit In this first article we will talk about the Lean methodologies kit  course.

Those who know us know that one of our passions

Coaching and courses we carry out to those who wish to advance in the generation of innovative businesses. At first we came to these activities with the New Zealand Telegram Number Data typical materials to make the classes more attractive and participatory, such as flipcharts, post-its and markers. Soon, welcoming the concerns of our students, we began to incorporate other didactic elements such as templates and other more playful ones. After a couple of years we realized that we had accumulated the experience and knowledge to create our own design kit and thus professionalize these tools.

However, what motivated us most was to make

Possible for students to continue using these tools in their daily work. Who are our kits for? It was also important that this kit had different versions that Armenia Telegram Number List  would adapt to a variety of disciplines and be used by professionals who fulfill. Various functions, such as: User experience , project managers, product managers and other professionals who participate in innovation projects, whatever their disciplinary approach, that is, service design or Lean methodologies . Consultants who carry out innovation courses or workshops . Professors who teach service design, Lean methodologies  teamwork in innovative projects or courses, and its content varies depending on the discipline it targets.

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