Capture ideas and select them, record progress of a project, portray the. Ourney of our clients and user archetypes. It also brings educational elements such as stickers and figures of characters, symbols and actions that allow an experience to be graphically represented. Finally, tips for carrying out more traditional activities and materials such as post-its, pencils, markers, notebooks, etc. are inclWhat are the advantages of using the kit Students using the kit during a Brainstorming activity.

This begins with sensitizing all work teams with the backbone

Of the method: the place that people occupy is fundamental, since Lean methods are focuoth on the client and on the internal work team. In this, the  tools in the kit help to internalize that the person will always be present, in all stages of the project: by systematizing   Hong Kong Telegram Number Data  t he results, by generating and selecting ideas to solve idenroblems, by selecting ideas with high potential for impact, when prototyping solutions, when testing the prototypes and when planning the next stages of development. Another positive aspect that we n in our courses is that the use  interactions between participants.

Members of a group, thus enriching the creation process.

With the Lean methodologies and agile development.Kit, various methods and techniques can be develsuch as: Brainstorming, prioritization of ideas  Australia Telegram Number List  and initiatives, rapid prototyping, paper prototyping of digital interfaces, prototype testing. Having the tools that the kit brings and having the m to include others that are at hand, contributes to generating a more playful environment that encourages innovation and invites you to share your own visions, in order to find the best solutions to your n the problems that require attention to improve the business. e  individually.

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