The enhance your credibility and attract new customers to help your business grow. Well start by covering the nuts and bolts of starting up a blog which platform to use how to set the blog up and how to make it look professional. Then Ill show you some examples of company blogs that work well so that you can learn from them as you create your own blog. After that Ill walk you through how to choose an angle for your blog and come up with a content strategy.  create a business blog that educates and entertains your readers brings waves of traffic to your site and helps you reach more customers.

How to Start a Blog When it comes to setting

Up a blog you have lots of options. On Your Site vs. External One option is to blog exclusively on a thirdparty platform Trinidad and Tobago Business Email List such as LinkedIn or even your Facebook page. The advantages of doing it this way are that its easy and usually free to set up and that those sites already have lots of visitors so you may be able to get some of that traffic if your articles catch peoples attention. But the downsides are that youre subject to the limitations of those sites where

The rules can change at any time and

B2B Email List

Also its harder to convert those readers into customers which is after all the ultimate goal of this exercise. You have to Ghana Phone Number rely on them clicking through to your website to find out more about you. If you set up the blog on your own website on the other hand everythings under your control. You can set it up as you like and any traffic you receive is boosting the profile of your site not someone elses. Also you can more easily convert your visitors into customers since they are already.

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