The on your site. So Id recommend setting up the blog on your own site and using social media for promotion more on that below. Which Platform WordPress is the most popular blogging platform powering one in four websites but its not the only option. There are others such as Blogger Tumblr Ghost and more. Some of them provide hosting as part of the package while others provide only the software and you have to host the blog yourself. If you already have a website set up you may already be using one of these platforms in which case it makes sense to use the same one for blogging.

If you had someone else set up your

Website check with them to see how it was set up and how you can include a blog within your website. Make It Look Barbados Business Email List Professional This blog is representing  so you want it to look just as professional as your business cards brochures or signage. While most platforms have quite serviceable free themes e.g. in the WordPress Theme Directory you can often get more features and better designs by choosing a premium theme. You can find premium themes for WordPress Ghost Tumblr and other blogging platforms on Envato Market.

WordPress themes on Envoi Market WordPress

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Themes on Envato Market Advertisement . Read Company Blogs That Work Before you dash ahead and write your Greece Phone Number first post its worth taking the time to think about what youre doing why youre doing it and how you can do it better. A good first step is to read other company blogs. By all means check out other firms in your own industry but also look farther afield to get more general ideas. Here are a few interesting ones Marriott on the Move Hotel chain Marriott offers something different from most corporate blogs a very personal diarystyle blog written by its yearold chairman.

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