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The Bill Marriott himself. He penn a popular Mothers Day post a few years ago for example Remembering My Mom on Mothers Day. What You Can Learn Company blogs are often impersonal but readers respond well to personal stories told in a friendly voice. Marriott on the Move Google Official Blog A general rule with company blogs is not to write too much about your own products. But this is a rule the Google blog breaks with lots of new announcements about for example a new photo album feature for Google Photos or a virtual reality painting app. But it makes them enticing and includes other types of post too.

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Can be popular if the products are interesting enough and if the announcements are broken up with more personal behi Belize Business Email List ndthescenes stories. Also a minimalist aesthetic works just fine. Advertisement Zillow Porchlight Realestate information company  material on its blog but also throws in posts about the houses being sold by celebrities like Uma Thurman Wes Craven and Britney Spears. Those are some very clickfriendly headlines. What You Can Learn If you can find an angle for your business that touches on very popular subjects like celebrities TV or sports dont be afraid to mine it.

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As you can see from these examples each blog has a particular angle. It might mix different types of content but it Guatemala Phone Number has a general approach and sticks to it. So as youre planning out your blog think about the approach you plan to take. Will you be teaching people how to use the products you sell. Telling personal stories about your experiences as a business owner Inviting your employees or even customers to tell their own stories Covering news or trends in your industry Also think about a name for your blog. Some companies just go for The.

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