The Company Name Blog which is fine but a separate name like Zillow Porchlight or Marriott on the Move gives it a stronger identity. What are your goals for this blog Are you trying to increase traffic to your website get people signed up to your mailing list get people to become customers or simply increase your overall profile and credibility Who is the target audience This is likely to be similar to your existing target market for your business as a whole but it could be differentif for example youre trying to expand your customer base by attracting younger.

Customers or wealthier customers or more

A traditionally maledominated market etc.  of content youll create. As youre coming up with your angle remember the Costa Rica Business Email List following key points Define your target audience clearly picturing your ideal customer as a single person with his or her own personality hopes dreams and frustrations and write as if youre talking directly to that person. Provide information that your target customer will find useful andor entertaining. Dont be too salesy or selfpromotionalnobodys going to like share or comment on something that sounds like a press release.

Your niche needs to be small enough that

B2B Email List

The blog has a clear focus but large enough to allow you to come up with new posts on a regular basis for the next few Honduras Phone Number years. Stories work well in blogs but only if theyre interesting and have some relevance to a wider audience and if they dont sound like effusive customer testimonials for your company. Consider different types of content beyond written postsvideos audio podcasts images and infographics are all good strategies either for the whole blog or as extra content to mix in with the text. . Create a Content Strategy Now that youve set up your blog got a sense of what works and decided on your own angle.

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