Dcause it also provides the tools to develop subsequent. Stages, where the participants will build the prototypes. Of their solutions , and then. Return to the client or user to carry out the tests to confirm that they are on the right track. . With this kit we address the complete learning process, which starts with raising students’ awareness about the importance of empathizing with the client and teaching. Them to systematize the data obtained in research. With their clients, to generate innovative ideas to solve the problems identified. , to select ideas with high potential for impact, to prototype the.  continue using the tools beyond the academic field, being incorporated into the world of work as support in their innovative projects.

Why you should use a design kit in your lean methodologies agile

That are feasible to implement as the best solution. And with the guarantee that this solution will be the most efficient , because they considered. Their  Canada Telegram Number Data  client throughout the innovation process. These are the methods and techniques that our kit provides.: interviews with users, field observation., survey of the current customer journey and redesigned customer journey proposal, brainstorming, rapid prototyping. And paper prototyping of digital interfaces, desktop walkthrough, testing with users, prioritization of ideas and initiatives. Creativity is a concept that will. Be repeated when showing the advantages of incorporatin.G the design kit in different disciplines. And it is because in our courses and workshops we see how the use of the tools in the kit encourages students to. Be creative during their debates and interactions, exploring solutions to their clients’ problems.

Likewise, using templates to visualize and organize your ideas,

Suh as stickers, figures with symbols and characters to. Replicate real experiences, generates a more playfu.L environment that facilitates the  Albania Telegram Number List  expression of personal visions. Some materials from our design kit. These are the tools contained in the kit: templates for: customer archetype, customer journey, empathy map; prototyping characters and symbols for touchpoints, social networks, home, office;. Pocket notebook to take notes from interviews and field observation sessions; stickers created so that non-designers have tools to create visualizations, with graphic elements to support the textual; prototyping stencils; “ux research” badge; post-its, highlighter, pencil. If you need more information about our user research kit or if you organize workshops and want to request personalized kits according to your brand and industry, write to us and tell us what you.

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