The your name and information Add your name and information. Typically a press release will have your contact name and information. This means that your press release template usually has a contact name phone number and email. Theres already a section in this template that works for your information. So all you need to do is delete the text that is there and replace it. Start by highlighting the text.  Then start typing your company contact information. . Add a Company Logo Add a Company Logo Add a Company Logo This template already has a section for a company logo.

But you can upload an image of your own logo

To add an image delete the text and logo thats already there. Select the text and logo. Press Delete on your keyboard. This Guyana Business Email List removes the default logo and text. Next click on the Insert tab. Click on the Pictures button. When you press this button a menu drops down. Choose the correct option for you depending on where your file is located. Now click on your image file. Your logo image appears on the press release template. Adjust the image as needed. Add Date and Main Text Add date and main text. Add date and main text. Press releases contain the date of the release and the date the press release should be published.

To add these elements you’ll need to

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Delete the extra elements on the press release template. Select the default elements and press Delete on your keyboard. The Kenya Phone Number default elements are gone. After deleting everything but the headline add a textbox. Start by clicking on the Insert button. Next click on the Text Box button. When you click on this button a menu drops down. Click on the Draw Text Box option from the menu. Click on where you want your box and draw a diagonal line with your mouse Repeat.

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