The the step to create the main text box. Add your press release information into the new text box. . Add a Press Release Title Add a title Add a title Most press releases have a title. To add a title to your press release template Microsoft Word first delete the title text that is there. Next add your title.  your title stand out. To change the title font highlight the text. Next click on the Home tab. In the toolbar theres a Font menu. Click on the arrow next to the current font. When you click on this arrow a Font menu drops down. Choose the font that you want for your press release title. . Add a Final Note Add a final note Add a final note.

If you want to you can add a final note

This allows you to tell who receives the Microsoft Word press release template more information. To do a note to your Paraguay Business Email List press release add another text box at the end of the page. Start by clicking on the Insert button. Next click on the Text Box button. When you click on this button a menu drops down. Click on the Draw Text Box option from the menu. Click on where you want your box and draw a diagonal line with your mouse.

In the new text box for your press release

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Type the final note. If you want you can also add a hyperlink to a word. This lets people to click on a word or phrase Kuwait Phone Number and go directly to the website or link. To add a hyperlink highlight the word or phrase you want to add a link to. Rightclick on the highlighted text. When you rightclick youll see a menu. Click on the Hyperlink option. A window appears with an Address field Add the link there. Once youve added the link.

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