Creation of the visual identity of your brand. 12 steps that you should not forget

 The visual identity of a company, as well as the website, are fundamental for a brand, since they can affect its results in every sense and at all levels. This is because through visual identity a brand manages to distinguish itself from the other, position itself in the market, gain ground and, therefore, sell more. Creating the visual identity and extrapolating it to the website is somewhat challenging, but it can be done properly with the right guidance. Today I tell you 12 points that can help you when creating them .

Typography for visual identity

Another important point to consider is typography, that is, the type of font used both to create the logo and for the texts . Just as colors have an effect on the brand, typography also has an effect on it and on people’s perception. So once you have determined what colors you will use in your brand, it is important to define what typography you will use. There are fonts that are simple and others that are more elaborate, fonts that are cursive and job function email list  fonts that are mechanical style. Each brand can use its own style depending on the personality, philosophy, brand style, target audience, etc.

Brand personality

Brand personality is what you want to communicate and how you want to communicate it through your brand. Basically it is defining what your style is and how it will behave in the market. Just as people have their own personality, brands do too. A brand can be fun or it can be serious, it can be fresh, formal, traditional, etc. All of this will depend on what your brand wants to Fax Marketing communicate. To have the best personality, it is important to learn how to create the brand personality in order to get the most out of this concept.

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