Learnings from 2021 and challenges for 2022

Learnings from 2021 and challenges for 2022. Today it’s time to update my story. A year after revealing part of my life for you, I have started to update it. Today, January 3, 2022, I tell you my challenges . Although I also tell you that this week I will update (let me this week) my Storytelling. First article on my blog of 2022. And yes, I love him. I love 2021 as I loved 2020, and as I have loved in a few years, although they were both bastards. It has been two years with such a tsunami of emotions that you laugh at the emotional intelligence to manage them. Two years where I have experienced personal misfortunes, losses, lack of health, my own and that of others, a monstrous operation, not because of its complexity.


 I created my Story Emotion School. At the end of January 2021, my School was officially born . After many years of having my own training, I decided to combine them into the Story Emotion School for brands, professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and all those who want to learn, share and grow together email database hand in hand. A Training School on Storytelling, Copywriting, Narrative, Emotional and Experiential Marketing, Content Marketing and Branding.

I created the first Digital Marketing Master based

Therefore, I created the first Digital Marketing Master based on Emotional Marketing. Storytelling and Copywriting at the Story Emotion School. And for 2022, I hope to close it on July 31 being a little wiser, more Fax Marketing professional and a better person thanks to the 15 wonderful students. Therefore, who have trusted me to be better professionals (and intrinsically, a better version of themselves). I managed to read three entire physical books and dozens of book summaries in Spanish and English.

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