Another way to see that not all clients are for you is to recognize that we are not for all clients either. When we define the profile of the ideal client, it is not only a matter of fit with what is important to us (that it is profitable, that it refers, that it recognizes the differentials). But also in terms of the scope that we can provide. There are clients for whom we may be oversized, and others for whom we do not have the capacity to fully cover their needs. The definition of an ideal client or better half is not only from here to there but also from there to here. There are prospects for whom we are really expensive not because we don’t have great benefits and differentials. It’s not you but because that client does not need them , but would still be paying for them. Understanding it and making the scope very clear is thinking about a responsible sale. That’s what putting the customer first is all about.

There are prospects for whom we are really expensive

Recognize that sometimes we must decline in front of a prospect not because they are not attractive, but because we are not the ideal solution. This even means reviewing our current customer base and knowing if we should dispense with some of them to Gambling Email List concentrate on those who generate more value and with whom we can grow even more. In the end it is a matter of resource allocation. We do not generate value for all clients we cannot serve all clients equally well because resources are limited. Which ones are we going to focus on? Should we redefine the care model and the capacity to respond to each one? In other words, give each client what they deserve based on their relevance.

We do not generate value for all clients

It’s not you Keep everything in its proper measure. I have repeatedly seen that focusing on the best customers and improving the customer service model substantially increases profitability. And it makes sense. It means allocating operational capacity to Fax Marketing redouble efforts to support “the orange halves”. Those to whom we generate greater value and with whom we have the greatest probability of growth. Focusing on those that best fit our value proposition and questioning the continuity of those that may not be as profitable due to the resources they consume and the prices at which they buy, can be a wise decision.

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