When did you stop prioritizing yourself

We forget too often to put ourselves first. Misunderstanding that love begins with others. That desire begins with others. We do for others, you know… If we live for others. And no, not like that. It is a serious mistake that a withered society has included us in a DNA, intoxicated by the manipulation of critical thinking that does not allow us to spit out our personality and innate charisma. No, true love begins with you, with prioritizing yourself, with learning to love your flaws and virtues above everything and everyone.

The art of telling a story well

This is one of the storytelling books that you could use to implement in different content strategies. Both in your business, in your personal brand, and in that of your clients if you dedicate yourself to creating content for them using narrative. Héctor Urién’s book contains more than one hundred storytelling strategies that you can carry out. The author is a novelist who knows these details perfectly to capture the reader’s attention in all of his stories. And from cave paintings to tweets, stories have always top people data  been part of society. Some more archaic and robust than others, but stories nonetheless. We have always learned through stories, right.

Practical storytelling to improve your communication

Have you noticed how many times our messages don’t work because they don’t have an interesting story behind them? Too many times, I know. And then there is another point. Conformism. Yes, we settle for the minimum. That minimum expression in the face of facts linked one after another. Even those basic PowerPoint presentations… and that’s it. There are several storytelling books, but one that couldn’t be missing from my list is Stéphane Dangel’s. A book with 170  Fax Marketing stories to encourage his interventions. The objective doesn’t matter. They are stories that can allow you to enrich your message and the communication of your brand’s content.

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