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The your website or marketing materials imagine your customers saying the price out loud. If you write a price as for example people will say one thousand five hundr and ninetynine in their heads. Remove the comma so that its and theyre more likely to read it as fifteen ninetynine. You might just make some more sales as a result. Other Quirks Here are a few more surprising research results to consider One piece of research at  spent more money when given a menu with no dollar signs on the prices for example when the price of a steak was written as instead of.

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Deleting dollar signs from your website could confuse people though so be aware of the context Another study found that if you want people to pay Jordan Business Email List attention to a sale price you should write it in a small font. instincts and is certainly the opposite of most marketing practices but the research found that in our minds physical magnitude is relat to numerical magnitude. In other words a bigger font makes us think its a bigger number. And still on the subject of sales try to make the math as easy as possible.

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Reducing a price from to is actually a better idea than ucing it to ..  calculate the saving when its . it takes our brains that bit longer to process. So we see Singapore Phone Number as the better deal even though of course . is cheaper. Next Steps So now youve learn. What the research says about the psychology of pricing. Youve learned how to reframe the value of your products and services how to use price anchoring and how the choices people are given can affect their buying decisions. Youve also seen examples of how the human.

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