The prices were raised or lowered by . So for example the same dress would be in one catalog in the second catalog and in the third. The results were astonishing the catalog with the prices ending in nine resulted in higher sales than both of the others.  the dress it also outsold the dress. Remember its the same dress in each catalog. It seems were so culturally attuned to prices ending in nine that we respond to them even when it means the product is more expensive. The nine price outperformed both its cheaper and more expensive competitors not only at but also at and . Bottom line it works. Make your prices end in nine.

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Tino Companies selling more highend items often avoid prices ending in nine. They want to come across as exclusive and appeal to customers who Japan Business Email List dont need to hunt for bargains. If you want to buy a pair of Gucci earrings for example itll set you back an even . You wont see any cent tricks here. Its the same at a highend restaurant where your filet mignon will almost always cost not .. Say It Out Loud But what about those other quirks I mentioned First think about the number of syllables in the price youre quoting.

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That consumers nonconsciously perceive that there is a positive relationship between syllabic length and numerical magnitude. Translation If a price Senegal Phone Number takes longer to say out loud people think of it as more expensive. Thats why on the car commercials on TV they always say from ten nine nine nine instead of from ten thousand nine hundred and ninetynine dollars. Its exactly the same price but five syllables sounds cheaper than . So when youre writing prices on.

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