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Potograph influences the public’s perception do you know of your clinic The first impression formed by potential patients is shaped by the image available on the internet. As this is the first point of contact, it can compromise or encourage scheduling an appointment. This means that taking good photos significantly increases your chances of attracting new patients . After all, image is also an important part of building trust and credibility. Today, we will better explain the importance of professional photography for medical clinics and their teams.

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The brand , engagement and positioning . Keep reading! The importance of professional photography Imagine that you are the one searching for health services on the internet and come across: a website without any photos; a website with bad images; a website with professional photographs, which show what the clinic and the people who USA Phone Number Data make up the clinical staff are like. In your opinion, which of the alternatives above would be more credible ? We know it’s the third. And this means that professional photos for doctors contribute to structuring a more robust digital presence. The focus lies on building the authority and reputation of the site.

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Lt also ensures that you are the first choice for patients looking for recommendations online. Some research reinforces the importance of image for consumer decision-making: of people consider visual information more important than Australia Phone Number List textual information, according to The Intent Lab; 50% of consumers say that images influenced their decisions about which product to buy, according to Google; 34% of Google searches include at least some image as results. These percentages highlight the growing importance of images in online searches. Furthermore, they reaffirm the hypothesis that a good visual presence is essential to stand out.

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