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Success and setting this cornerstone initially requires groundwork i.e. an SEO strategy. Without an SEO strategy search engine optimization measures lack planning and goal-orientness which means that the measures may only produce short-term profits without developing the bigger picture. I hope this blog moves you forward and you learn how to bring your sites SEO into this decade. You should always remember that Googles algorithm changes daily. SEO measures that were consider good years ago can even cause harm

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Visibility today. Next we go through what SEO strategy means today and how the importance of measuring and following the MRACE® model is becoming a more important b2b leads part of this digital marketing channel every day. A short lesson on the history of SEO and how Search Engine Optimization has chang It is good to understand that SEO today is completely different from the ancient SEO of a few years or decades ago. Weve come a long way from the days when Googles search results were mostly determin by who could

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