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Most often in their content and HTML tags. In the old days if there was a page at the top of the search results that mention a relevant search term 100 times a competing SEO strategy basically consist of creating a landing page with even more mentions. In terms of the user experience things are fortunately moving forward! Although many people working in digital marketing today know not to practice the above-mention so-call keyword stuffing or excessive use of search words the daily changing Google algorithm still causes a

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For professionals. We often come across the misconception that for example including keywords in the meta description would affect organic business email list rankings even though this criterion is no longer part of Googles way of determining rankings. Of course the meta description is an important element of the page in terms of click-through rate but it does not affect the ranking itself. It should primarily be written so that it attracts a click and not so that the search term is mention in a certain way or in a certain place. Another problem we often come

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Optimization which is certainly root in the time when the search term had to be mention as often as possible on the desir landing page. Today you can get to the top of the rankings with just a couple of search terms mention as long as the Fax Marketing content of the page is of high quality it corresponds to the search intent and the site is otherwise skillfully optimiz. In addition the method of operation in search engine optimization that has made a big complete turn has been the acquisition of links. Of course external links have always been important but the change has been relat to what these external links can and cannot be like. While a few

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