There is a maximum length of 2,000 characters, which can sometimes be limiting; that’s why product descriptions need to be concise, relevant, and helpful for the customer.

Here KitchenAid has opted for a simple but informative style: it’s an example of a well-written description.

Although sometimes it may be useful to write a longer description, in this case it is not necessary: ​​the detailed characteristics of the product are already present in the other sections of the offer.


Have you noticed the difference?

The description above is clear and provides useful information. The one below, however, although pertinent, does not make you want to buy these socks.

Since this section offers the possibility of giving useful information to customers, as well as improving SEO on Amazon, using two concise sentences does not allow you to fully exploit its potential.

To create great descriptions for your products, try totime to Database make stick to the following best practices:

Understand who your customers are

Research actual buyer demographics instead of assuming them. You may assume that your product is ideal for a specific category of customers, but the reality could be quite different. Once you understand the type of person you’re selling to, you can start writing your product description more purposefully.

To write customer-focused descriptions, ask yourself the following questions:


  • What would users like to read?
  • What features are they likely interested in?
  • What tone of voice should you use when addressing them?
  1. Use texts that are simple and quick to read

People who shop online have a very limited abilrate for a long time, but they may still need to read the full description of the product to get a better idea.

Therefore, divide the text into bullet points and subheadings, and use different font sizes to highlight the most important information. An easier and quicker to readexample Fax Marketing isconversely style will improve the customer experience.

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