Family Relationships Find a way to contact them

This is because they don’t want to admit that they don’t know all their family members.

Sit with our parents and ask them about their younger brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and others.

Draw a family tree and save a copy in the computer or on paper.

Whether it’s a phone number, e-mail, profile on facebook, skype or twitter (believe me we might be surprised!)

Update our address book correctly

Contact Them if our brothers use any online social tools

I’m sure they will be surprised and happy.

If we don’t know them well, start by sending Database them a simple message on their cell phone ending with our name and maybe ‘son of so and so’ so they can get to know us.

After that, call them (either with our parents to make it easier to get to know each other) or just us.

4. Chat with our grandparents
There are so many wisdoms, experiences and lessons that can be learned from our parents.

Just sit down with them, ask them a few questions and hit the record button.

Don’t make it formal, just sit and listen.

5. Visit and invite relatives to eat together

If our relatives live in the same city or district invite them to eat together


This is a great way to reconnect and keep in touch with family

6. Contact them via video line
For those who have family far away in the Fax Marketing village or at home where the internet is mediocre, take a laptop or tablet with a front camera.

Think how we can get better internet for our family (preferably without wireless) and teach them simple steps to make a skype or video call

7. Give zakat or charity to them
Unfortunately, most Muslims forget to help their poor family members.

I’m not sure if it’s shame or because they’re afraid their relatives will start ‘living on them’.

It may also be due to our laziness and our dependence on international charity organizations to do zakat and alms for us.

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