The example below from the Flatpack Landing

The while a secondary action can be deemphasized with placement or maybe a text link as opposed to a big button. . Credibility Indicators You know that what you offer has value. But how do other people know that The best way is to use third party validation so that youre not just making the same baseless claims as the rest of your competition. That means incorporating customer testimonials that illustrate the benefits customers have seen logos of prestigious clients youve worked with awards that youve won or press that has lauded your work or case studies that show a certain percentage improvement other clients have gained.

You can even use the corporate locations and

Of customers you have as a way to demonstrate that your operation is first class.  Page Theme has a space set aside for Panama Business Email List showcasing logos from your best clients and quotes form your top testimonials FLATPACK Landing Page theme builder Testimonial example from Flatpack Landing Page Theme Builder on ThemeForest. What to Test And Why Now youve got a beautiful landing page setup and are ready to start AB testing… right Unfortunately not so fast. Testing is all about context.

That means before running off to test button

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Colors you first need to figure out Whos coming to this landing page Where are they coming from Believe it or not Finland Phone Number the promotional channel or source of a visit has a huge bearing on what youre going to want on that page. Considering this information outside of the landing page youre working on will help provide some extra insight to know how a landing page should look feel or sound. Here are a few elements that you can test based on this new found understanding. . Layout Knowing who and where helps guide structural decisions like the actual layout of each landing page. For example lets say someone is.

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