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Schiller’s famous poem, that Beethoven want to set to music from a very young age. The most recognizable melody of “El hymn to joy” opens the song of Los Violadores , and is perform in a rough and elemental, but very powerful way, with a distortion effect, typical of the punk genre, by Stuka, the only guitarist. from the band. Here we can listen to it. The first version of a symphony within rock in Spanish had been perform years before, in 1970, by a pioneer in this field, Miguel Ríos. It would also be the famous piece by the immortal Beethoven: the fourth movement of the famous Ninth Symphony .

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The lyrics have been adapt, but retain significant passages from Schiller’s poem, which are sung by soloists and chorus in performances by symphony orchestras. Dwight MacDonald, pioneer in the study of mass culture. For the rest, virtuoso instrumental rock guitarists have given life to truly impressive versions of the most recognizable part of the first movement of the Fifth Symphony . This is the case of Danney Alkana. Of course: Beethoven is not the only classical business lead musician who has been cover in Masscult key . And those I have review on this occasion are certainly not the only musicians who have brought those classic pieces to the realms of mass culture, and specifically rock and pop music,

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Have interpret them following the impulses of their own and particular sensitivity. What i have want to highlight, simply, is the way in which culture, and in this case, in a notable way, music, is transforming: its reception, its Fax Marketing execution and its distribution are aspects that alter at the pace of the times and under the impact that new technologies have on it. Umberto eco, and, before, dwight macdonald, among others, address this issue with a very attentive critical eye .

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